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Supporting collegiate youth and teachers by integrating meaningful analytic data with massive open online courses funded by HG Foundation.
This project proposes to develop MOOCs for collegiate youth in order for them to acquire additional skills and enhance employability efficiency. The MOOCs will be developed in hindi language in order to benefit the students from rural backgrounds.
Explainable AI-augmented misinformation monitoring on social media during crisis events

Dataset: Synopsis of Dataset

On 26 January 2021, People across the nation watched in horror as a pseudo-patriotic mob of farmers stormed capital Delhi and vandalized the national pride- Red Fort. Investigations that followed the event revealed the existence of a social media trail that led to the likes of such an event. Consequently, it became necessary to archive this trail for social media analysis – not only to understand the bread-crumbs that are dispersed across the trail but also to visualize the role played by misinformation and fake news in this event. In this project, we propose the tractor2twitter dataset which contains around 0.05 million tweets that were posted before, during, and after this event. Also, we benchmark our dataset with an Explainable AI ML model for the classification of each tweet into either of the three categories – disinformation, misinformation, and opinion. These categories were obtained after a manual annotation of the entire dataset was performed by volunteer fact-checkers working in Alt News.